Why Content Management System is Needed

Why Content Management System is Needed

A content management system (CMS) is a software application that manages the creation and modification of digital content on a website. There are many CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal to name just a few. As a result, these CMS allow you to manage your website. Allowing you to log in to the back end of your site so you can add, edit and remove website pages, menus, links images etc.


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  • Static Websites
  • Blogs
  • E-Commerce
  • Portfolios
  • Forums
  • etc

CMS’s are powerful tools and in the right hands can be used to create any type of website. But why should you use a CMS?


  • Cost saving – There won’t be a need to hire a programmer or web design agency to change your content.
  • Open Source – Most of the popular CMS platforms are free to use and there is no additional cost to using the software.
  • Easy to Use – CMS have an easy to use layout and require little training and there are lots of free tutorials online.
  • Multiple Users – A CMS such as WordPress also allows admin to create multiple profiles that can be managed to give specific roles and permissions. Such as a publishing only profile.
  • Complete Control – You can decide when and where to change information, so there is no third party to go through giving you more freedom.

There are many options and reasons why you or your organisation should use a CMS. Hopefully, this article has given you an insight why a content management system can be an effective tool for web maintenance. If you have any more question regarding this article or any service we provide please contact the SlickBears team at info@slickbears.co.uk or by the contact page.

Finally, thank you for reading – Why Content Management System is Needed for Efficient Web Maintenance.

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