1. Bitly

Everybody likes to share external links with friends and colleagues. Long, complex and ugly looking URL links to your content are unattractive for your audience. Why not make them neater and eye pleasing? You can easily change that by shortening them using Bitly.

Just paste a full URL address into a provided box and click Shorten button. The magic will happen behind the scenes and you will be given a tidy looking link that you can post to your favourite social media account. It can’t be easier than that!

Bitlys Enterprise option can help your company to measure the performance of your links and build your next marketing campaign.

You can change the name of the shortened link, track and analyse individual link to measure its performance and optimise the visual representation of your link.


2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the first social media management tools that was founded in 2008. To this day it is one of the most popular tools used to manage multiple social media accounts at once!

Without login in and out, users can operate on multiple accounts, scheduling and organise their content, tracking the engagement and more.

Users can choose from Free and Professional plans, depending on their needs.


3. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a very helpful social media organiser. It helps users to filter and discover relevant content for the user based on tags, interests and favourite topics.

Have a problem with unwanted and inactive followers? Crowdrife will help you to organise and follow the right people. Sharing the latest content from platforms such as YouTube, WordPress Blog, Shopify, Etsy Shop, Twitch, Vimeo and others! Scheduling posts, monitoring your social media accounts, creating content for the individual platform, are only a few of many options that Crowdfire can offer.


4. SocialPilot

Another great social media management tool for scheduling and organising posts on multiple platforms.

The SocialPilot can offer a range of options such as social media analytics, calendar, scheduling, RSS Feeds, browser extensions and team collaboration.

It is quite similar in use to Hootsuite but it can offer better value for money and more options.


5. Canva

As mentioned in one of our other articles. Canva is a great tool to create a graphical content for your needs.

Users can use multiple templates useful for beginners or more advanced users as a base to create something unique. You can upload your own images, change text, colours…there is a lot of options. It is a fantastic web-based tool to create banners, posters, menus, email headers, business cars, social media adds, small or big graphics, basically for any occasion.

As always, users have to choose between a free and professional version.



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