e-mail set up on mobile device

This guide will go through each step on how to set up an e-mail account on Android device.

If you are struggling to set up an e-mail account on android device created by SlickBears for your website, you might find this article very useful. There are only a few steps after which, your personalised e-mail account will be ready to go.

As a package, our clients can obtain one or more personalised e-mail accounts, so make sure that you have one before you start.

Emails created for our clients are based on external servers, so your device must know a path that leads to the right place.

There is one last thing before we start. Make sure that you have correct details to your e-mail account (login and password).

Alright! Let me show you how to set up your e-mail account on Android device:

The device used: Samsung S7 (Android 7, Nougat).


Step 1

At the bottom of the “Home” screen of your phone, click Apps(1) > Settings(2) > Cloud and Accounts(3) > Accounts(4) > Add Account(5) > Email(6).

(All the steps are shown below)

1. Select Apps

2. Select Settings

3. Select Clouds and Accounts

4. Select Accounts

5. Select Add account

6. Select Email


Step 2

Enter your e-mail address and password in appropriate boxes and select MANUAL SETUP.

Add new account


Step 3

Select: IMAP account.

Select Popout - IMAP account


Step 4

In INCOMING SERVER section change:

  1. IMAP server – change imap.yourdomain.co.uk to imap.1and1.co.uk
  2. Security type – From the drop box choose SSL
  3. Port993

Incoming server settings

In OUTGOING SERVER section change:

  1. SMTP server – change smtp.yourdomain.co.uk to auth.smtp.1and1.co.uk
  2. Security type – From the drop box choose TLS
  3. Port – 587
  4. Authentication required before sending emails – Checked
  5. Username – change example to your full e-mail address (e.g. example@yourdomain.co.uk)
  6. Password your password for e-mail account
  7. And finally press – SIGN IN

Outgoing server settings


Step 5

Here you can choose how often your device will contact your e-mail address and synchronise with your account. You can always click SIGN IN and default values will be applied.

11 Sync


Step 6

Now you can edit account name for outgoing e-mails. You can change:

Account name – this is the name of the e-mail account that is displayed on your phone.

Your name (for outgoing email) – it is better if you choose an appropriate name to be identified by the person who will receive the e-mail.

Now the moment you have been waiting for. You are just one step away from finishing the process of setting up the e-mail account on your phone.

Last step – press: DONE!

If you followed all the steps, your e-mail account is now attached to a device. The account will now synchronise with a device, and after a few minutes it will be ready to receive, display, send messages and, you will be able to manage your account from the device. If you receive an email, the notification will be visible at the top of the screen (notification bar).


That’s it, your e-mail is ready to go!

If you still cannot set it up, please contact our team at info@slickbears.co.uk.

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